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Why You Need Heating Maintenance

April 11, 2024

Heating System Maintenance in AZ: What You Need to Know!

When it comes to winters in Arizona, the temperatures may reach a mild 70 during the day, but nighttime temperatures can easily reach below freezing. Because of the cooler nights, home heating systems need to be in proper working order. As winter approaches, homeowners must focus on having heating systems inspected to ensure proper operation. Without regular maintenance, your heating system might not function as it should when the temperatures outside begin to plummet.

Regular Maintenance

Any system that provides an element of heating needs to be inspected on a regular basis. From hot water heaters to heating units, the machinery needs to be functioning well to provide comfort in the home. During the Arizona winter, these units will be used more frequently. This makes fall a great time to have the systems inspected by a professional.
With professional assistance, the integrity of the unit can be inspected and cleaned. With an inspection, a technician can determine if the unit is going to operate properly. If any problem exists, it will be taken care of right away, so you don’t have any issue during the winter season.
Consider a heating system that has not been inspected. The temperatures finally dip cold enough in the winter for you to want heating. You turn on your unit and it doesn’t work. You have no idea why and try everything to fix it. You must call a repair man and spend hours waiting on the unit to be looked at. Unfortunately, the problem requires a part that the technician does not have. You now have to wait days for the repair, spending nights in a cold home.
If the unit had been inspected in the fall, the system would have been repaired before winter. The system would be working effectively, and no time is spent without heating during the colder months. Maintenance is key to ensuring your system is going to function properly when you need it most.

Out with the Old

The fall is also a great time to consider a replacement unit. Whether you have a furnace, central system or other heating unit, once it reaches a certain age, energy efficiency is lost, and repair needs become more frequent. If you find that you are spending more each winter on heating bills and your unit is breaking down more often than not, it is time for a replacement.
Consult with an HVAC technician to have your furnace or heating system inspected. With a comparison of newer units, you can see how much energy you would save with a new unit compared to your existing one. In most cases, the homeowner ends up saving 30% or more just by installing a newer, more energy efficient model. Don’t spend another winter worrying about your unit breaking down. Have a new system installed to provide comfort this winter season.
Overall, maintenance and quality operation are essential. Schedule an appointment for a heating inspection today to make sure your unit is ready for operation!