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Seasonal Weather Changes Can Affect Your Air Ducts

April 11, 2024

Seasonal Weather Changes Can Affect Your Air Ducts

The ductwork running through your home delivers cooling or heating comfort into every space of your dwelling. Without the ductwork, you would be unable to stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. The ductwork can also return stale air to the HVAC system. While the ductwork is very important, most homeowners do not give it a second thought. Cleaning and maintaining the air ducts is essential to the indoor air quality of the home as well as operation of the duct work.
Unbeknownst to homeowners, the extreme seasons play a role in the efficiency of ductwork. Summer and winter are considered the extreme seasons of the year as temperatures reach their hottest and coldest points. Without quality care for your ductwork, you could be damaging your HVAC system without even knowing it as the ducts are affected by the seasons. 

Summer Effects

During the summer months, dust, mold, mildew, pet dander and other contaminants are more prevalent. Because these elements are in the air, they will get inside the ductwork of your system. Every time the unit turns off after reaching the set cooling temperature, the contaminants settle within the ductwork. Over time, this can result in bacteria and mold growth within your duct work.
This can cause health problems in the home as well as rodents and insects being attracted to the ductwork. 
Without proper cleaning, you may have health issues in the home such as allergy attacks or asthma flareups due to dust and pet dander getting into the air. Rodents may become a problem which can result in other issues such as damage to the ductwork from chewing by the pests or other damage inside the home. 
During the summer months, the ductwork should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any such contaminants in the air. By having the allergens, bacteria, and /or mold removed from the ductwork, you avoid such problems in the home.