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Family Protection Plan

Protect Your Family

By Protecting Your Home...

We Go Bananas To Serve You!
The A.P.E.S. Family Protection Plan ensures that your house receives the attention it deserves.
With any investment comes the need for routine upkeep. Stop waiting until emergencies happen and stay safe all year long.
Just like your car needs routine maintenance , your home or business does too!
Family Protection Plan

A.P.E.S. Family Protection Plan...What's Included?!

Up to 10% Discount on Repairs**

Up to 5% Off New Equipment**

Priority Scheduling Guarantee

Written Detailed Maintenance Reports

Fully Transferrable When Home Is Sold

Extended warranty (while on plan*)

No Emergency Service Fees**

No Extra Trip Charges**

Workmanship Warranty** On Repairs (while on plan*)

$ 199 Per Year

Yearly Family Protection Plan

Protecting Your Investments, Equipment And Fixtures All Year Long Including All Benefits Below! **Call for all details.

Included Plumbing Services & Perks

Verify traps

Verify clean-out accessibility

Check shower operations

Check pipe conditions

Check drainage of sinks and tubs

Verify faucet operations

Check water pressure to the home

Verify toilet operations

Verify garbage disposal operation

Septic tank overview

Check shower operations

& Much More


Peace Of Mind...

Do you know the condition of your home?
We’re not just talking about your living room.
Our homes are filled with vital systems and equipment that we can’t even see!
Don’t let dirty water filters, dirty air filters or a lack of routine maintenance to your home systems cost you unnecessary repairs in the future!
Pay a little and save A LOT! For less than you pay a day for a Carmel Frappachino, you can protect your home all year long!

AC Repair & Replacements 

Indoor Air Quality 

Air Balancing 

Comfort Control 

Ducting & Zoning

Heater Repair & Replacements

Sink, Tub, Shower, Toilet

Garbage Disposal Service

Dishwasher Service

Water Heaters & Tankless

Slab Leaks & Repipes 

Stoppages & Gas Line


Patio/pool Misting Systems 

Water Softeners & RO Systems 

Video Camera Drain Inspection 

Electronic Leak Detection 

Wifi Smart Thermostats 

Sump/Sewer Pumps 

ADEQ Septic Inspections 

Leak defense systems 


Included HVAC Services & Perks

Flushing of drain lines

Cleaning of condenser coils

Verifying system is running at its peak performance

Verify no air duct leaks

Indoor Coil Condition Check

Thermostat Calibration Inspection

Electrical Components Verification

Refrigerant Level Check

Drain Pan Inspection

System Overview

Check Thermostat Operations

& Much More

Workmanship Warranty

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Because We’re Confident In Our Work… And Now You Can Be Too.