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As you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, make sure your home plumb…

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As you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, make sure your home plumbing is ready before guests arrive. Check the powder room toilet, guest bathroom, and garbage disposal to make sure everything is working good. Follow our advice on how to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems, and your family and friends will be thankful to have such thoughtful host.
The Powder Room Toilet
The powder room toilet should be at the top of your list when it comes to preventing plumbing problems. After all, a clogged toilet while guests are over is very embarrassing. To ensure the toilet is in good shape, follow these five simple toilet maintenance tips. If your toilet is old or malfunctioning, now may be a good time to replace it with a high-performance model.

The Guest Bathroom,
If you’re going to have any overnight guest, the guest bathroom should also be a top priority if you wish to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems this year. For the shower, place a drain cover or strainer over the shower drain to trap hair and prevent clogging. Be sure to keep a hair snare and plunger under the sink. And if you want to be a really good host, make sure the water pressure is good and the temperature is hot. If the pressure is low, you may be able to fix the problem by cleaning or changing the shower head. If that doesn’t work, have professional plumber make the adjustments. If the shower temperature is off, check the temperature dial on your water heater to make sure it’s set at 120°F.

The Garbage Disposal
When cooking a big meal for a lot of people, you’re bound to have a large amount of food scraps, including fibrous vegetables and starchy foods. A properly working garbage disposal is the best way to dispose of food waste without clogging your plumbing. Therefore performing garbage disposal maintenance is another way to help avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems. Try putting two cups of ice cubes and a cup of rock salt into the disposal and running the unit with cold water. This will help break up buildup, causing the unit to run smoother. If your sink is still draining slowly, have a professional plumber snake the line before Thanksgiving Day.
To ensure problem-free dinner prep, consider replacing your current garbage disposal with a heavy-duty model.

How to Prevent Pipe Freezing in the Winter

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Water has a unique property that it expands as it freezes. While this works great for ice trays, it can have a terrible effect on your pipes at home. When winter comes, it is important to make some necessary adjustments to prevent pipe freezing.

Freezing can lead to pipe leaks or, in the worst cases, complete ruptures. This can lead to hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages, especially if the issue is caught too late. So, here are some tips on how to prevent frozen pipes for this coming winter.

Before Winter

The best time to prepare for pipe freezing is before the winter comes. The very first thing you should do is insulate your pipes.

By insulating your pipes, you can make sure to keep the cold out by using an inch or two of cover. These covers usually come in the forms of foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves.

After insulating your pipes, seal any leaks that may allow cold air to enter the spaces where your pipes are. If the cold weather is very severe, even the smallest crack in the wall can reduce the temperatures of the pipes to a dangerous level.

When the Cold Hits

When the cold hits, it is best to let a small amount of water run out of the pipes that are at risk of freezing. This will decrease the pressure that the expanding water adds to the pipe and lowers the risk of cracks. While this is a small waste of water, you will be thankful when you don’t have massive leaks all over your house.

You should also make sure that you’re taking advantage of the warm air in your house. Do this by opening your cabinet doors to expose the pipes to the warmer air inside your house.

Also, try to keep the temperature of your house consistent throughout the day. While most people might turn the thermostat down a bit to sleep, we advise that you keep it at a consistent temperature, as a sharp change can have a worse effect on the pipes.

When You Skip Town

Before leaving to warmer pastures, make sure to make some important changes so that you don’t come back to a flooded house. Also, make sure to set your thermostat to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be a good minimum temperature to ensure that your pipes stay safe, but you don’t spend too much on heating.

You should also be sure to ask a friend to check your house daily, making sure that it is warm enough to prevent freezing. You may also wish to consider shutting off the water system in your house to definitely prevent any damages.

Combat the Dangers of Pipe Freezing

If you take all these necessary precautions, you should be worry-free come this winter season, even if you decide to leave town.

If you fear that your pipes have already broken, make sure to act now! Contact us for all your plumbing needs, such as broken pipes or a clogged toilet.

Do you like clean? Do you like the latest and greatest? 623-521-1172…

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Do you like clean? Do you like the latest and greatest?

It is what is on the inside that counts! All my clean freaks out there, this is for you! Neorest Actilight is an Ultraviolet Light Technology in the lid that turns on after the toilet flushes that removes visible and invisible waste.

This makes your toilet almost self-cleaning! Glory!!

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What does Kitt Farrell-Poe, Engineer and University Trainer have in her onsite s…

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What does Kitt Farrell-Poe, Engineer and University Trainer have in her onsite soil evaluation kit.

Here’s Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

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Issues with your plumbing can be incredibly frustrating — especially if you’re dealing with toilet problems.

This is the utility fixture that you use more often than any other, so you need to always trust that it’s working. If your toilet won’t flush, there’s usually a few reasons why.

As a homeowner, you’ll need to be aware of these root causes so you can take action.

With this in mind, read on and find out the main three reasons your toilet is giving you issues.

Reason #1: Your Toilet Won’t Flush Because It’s Clogged

A clog is bad for your home and your budget. If you let the clog get too heavy, it’s likely that you’ll begin dealing with leaks and plumbing damage.

Because of this, you should take it seriously if your toilet won’t flush due to a clog. Bring in a plumber to give it a good look.

If they determine the source of the clog, you’re looking at a repair that costs between $65 and more than $250 in most cases.

Reason #2: The Handle, Arm, and Chain Are Having Some Problems

You might also be having issues with some components if you realize your toilet isn’t flushing.

When it comes to the flushing mechanism, the toilet’s arm, chain and handle work on one accord to flush. If it’s not flushing, these are the first parts you should look at.

Make sure that they are properly attached and that none of the parts have snapped or bent.

For instance, if the arm is bent, it won’t be able to properly lift the chain and allow water to flow. You’ll then get weak pressure when flushing the toilet.

Likewise, the handle starts the whole process — so a damaged handle won’t lift the arm or chain. Check on these parts and make sure you’re diligent about getting them repaired if something is off.

Reason #3: The Entire Toilet Is Broken and In Need Of Replacement

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that sometimes if your toilet won’t flush, it’s time for a new toilet.

This is particularly true if you have had the same toilet installed for a number of years. You’ll want to get a plumbing inspection to see if this is the case.

If it turns out that you do need to purchase and install a new toilet, it’s important that you upgrade to a far better model. A plumbing services company will show you plenty of options in this regard so that you’re not lost when searching.

It’s important that you give energy efficient toilets some consideration since they protect the planet and save you money. For instance, low flow toilets use less than half the amount of water per gallon as a standard toilet and can save you $100 per year.

Hire a Pro Plumber That Can Help

No matter what sort of toilet issue you’re having, it’s vital that you leave this sort of work to a professional.

If this is what you need, contact us to tell us more about your problem.

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