What is a slab leak? How do you know if you have a slab leak? Well, let’s start with the latter.  A slab leak is the industry and insurance term for a leak in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. When these leaks are above the floor they are known as pinhole leaks.

How To Tell

There are some common symptoms of slab leaks.  You may hear the sound of running water when all water is turned off.  You may see a hot spot on the floor, which could indicate a hot water line leak.  You notice cracks in walls or flooring. You smell mildew or excessive moisture under carpets, which could indicate your slab is cracked. High water bills can also indicate a loss of water that could point to a slab leak as well.


Sewer repair is an option to mend a sewer with issues.  From tree roots, to local utilities boring straight through your sewer pipe, to ground shifting and settling, there are many reasons your sewer could need to be repaired.  First, we locate the problem area with state of the art electronic equipment, then we discuss the right course of action with our customers.  An informed customer is a happy one!

How We Do It

If we have eliminated the option for replacement, we may suggest to maintenance this issue.  This is where the repair part comes in.  We spot mark our location for outside utilities (Arizona Blue Stake), excavate our spot for repair, remove the section in which we are repairing, water test all repairs, then shade and backfill according to code.


Water softeners… what are they and why do I need one?
Let’s talk about what a water softener does, Water softening is the removal of calcium,magnesium, and certain other metal cationsin hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap and extends the lifetime of plumbing. Water softening is usually achieved using lime softening or ion-exchange resins.

In Arizona water hardness is measured by the presence of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium in tap water. These minerals originate from the soils our source water comes into contact with as it travels from and through watersheds to Phoenix’s water treatment plants. These minerals are leached into the water. Hard water can cause some types of scaling in pipes and water heaters, and on plumbing fixtures such as faucets and showerheads. Many people choose to install water softening devices that reduce the hardness in water. Those interested in purchasing a water softening system can contact the Arizona Water Quality Association at 480-947-9850.

Water Softeners

If you already have a water softening system, and it needs to be set based on the “Total Hardness” level [usually indicated by Grains per Gallon]. The settings for Phoenix tap water are listed below. Due to the size of the Phoenix water system and variations in source water throughout the year, the hardness numbers are reported as a range. So when setting your water softening equipment, it is suggested that the initial setting should be in the middle of that range, then adjust the setting to your preference as needed.

Water Heaters

When it comes to water heaters there are more than enough choices to be had. From “TruTankless” electric tankless heaters to “Navien Lp/Nat Gas” tankless water heaters, we have your tankless options covered.  The tried and true tank heater is, in most cases, still an option too.  From 6 gal to 100 gal we can handle it.  Last but not least, the Boiler.  A popular option among with local vendors and manufactures – we can maintain, repair, and replace your property’s existing boiler system.


APES offers fixture installation and repair.  We handle kitchen and bathroom faucet installs, shower and tubs, garbage disposals, dish washers, instant hot water and ice makers, and toilet installs.  We work with all manufacturer makes and models.

Quality Installs, Done Right

We offer 24/7 Emergency plumbing services to all of our residential and business customers.  Fixture repair and replacement is a popular option for this emergency service.  Don’t suffer without working water taps or toilets, call us immediately!


Whether it is your first home with an on-site waste water management system, or you have been around septic systems your whole life, you should know that the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) requires an inspection by a certified Wastewater Technician that has been trained to inspect and identify design mishaps, structural problems, flow issues, and even system abuse, so the system can be kept within the guide lines of the State of Arizona. When a property with a septic tank changes hands, an ADEQ inspection is required. We perform all the necessary steps to make this as painless as possible for our customers. We pull all county records, perform an on site inspection, record levels and conditions of the system, collect and dispose of all tank contents, photograph tank and area,  fill out a 7 page inspection form including a drawing layout of the system, a copy in PDF format will be given to the customer, and a list of suggested maintenance and repairs to get the most out of the system.

Septic Tank Inspections

Our expert plumbing technicians are experienced in inspecting all types of septic systems.  Make sure your system is ADEQ compliant.

We Identify Problems

Septic systems come in various designs and are found in different states of disrepair.  Make sure yours doesn’t cause you problems.


Pumping stations in sewage collection systems, also called lift stations, are normally designed to handle raw sewage that is fed from underground gravity pipelines (pipes that are sloped so that a liquid can flow in one direction under gravity). Sewage is fed into and stored in an underground pit, commonly known as a wet well. The well is equipped with electrical instrumentation to detect the level of sewage present. When the sewage level rises to a predetermined point, a pump will be started to lift the sewage upward through a pressurized pipe system called asewer force main or rising main from where the sewage is discharged into a gravity manhole. From here the cycle starts all over again until the sewage reaches its point of destination—usually a treatment plant or a septic system.

When do I need service?

You have a basements are too low to discharge sewage to the main sewer.
Your sewage must drain over a ridge or higher elevation.
Your sewage must be raised to get head for gravity flow through a treatment plant.
Your discharge outlets are below the level of the receiving body of water.
An existing gravity system is not yet available. A lift station will enable development and growth in accordance with the applicable community plan.


Pumps are a common item in the plumbing world, whether you have a centrifugal pump or a positive displacement pump, we have you covered. Apes installs, maintains and replaces needed water  pumps, sewage pumps, booster pumps, circulation pumps, sump pumps and even explosion proof pumps to name a few. We have been trained in pump sizing, application and installation to make sure you get the most out of your pump.



Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. Most water is disinfected for human consumption (drinking water), but water purification may also be designed for a variety of other purposes, including fulfilling the requirements of medical, pharmacological, chemical and industrial applications.

The Process

The methods used include physical processes such as filtration, sedimentation, and distillation; biological processes such as slow sand filters orbiologically active carbon; chemical processes such as flocculation and chlorination and the use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light.

A.P.E.S. Protection Plan

The A.P.E.S. protection plan is a comprehensive service which is like having your own plumber in the family.  Never worry about burst or leaky pipes, broken valves or equipment again – because we will be there for you.  Check out the amazing, unparalleled options below, for less than the price of a fancy upside-down mocha caramel latte at your favorite coffee shop.  Let A.P.E.S. protect your plumbing!

Complete ProtectionGreat Value

$ 9.99

Per Month or $120 Per Year
  • Complete Peace of Mind for Your Home or Business
  • No trip Fee
  • Emergency Fee Waived with Repairs
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Plumbing Inspection
  • Yearly Flush of Water Heater
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • No-Leak Verification Test
  • Water Pressure Test
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Appliance Repair, Service & Install

We offer In-Home Repair Services for your appliances. Wherever You Bought It We’ll Fix It. Whether you need a new appliance installed, or need to repair a broken one, give Arizona Plumbing Expert Services a call.  We are licensed and insured for Appliance repair, Lic#311047.


  • Refrigeration & Freezers
    Cooling system issues, condenser coil problems & more.
  • Washers & Dryers
    Power problems, excessive noise or vibration, heating and draining issues
  • Dishwashers
    Leaks, clogs, drain problems and water feeding problems – fixed!
  • Ovens
    Electric ovens, gas ovens, wall ovens, ranges, and convection ovens
  • Trash Compactors
    Power problems, drive belt repairs, and compactor door repair
  • Cooktops
    Faulty gas burner and electric burner repair

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