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A.P.E.S. Celebrates Extraordinary Employee

April 11, 2024

We Like To Party Here At A.P.E.S.


Especially for hard working team members! 

 Zac Edwards is not your typical APES plumbing manager.
There’s nothing ordinary Zac and that’s partially why he’s so fun and easy to celebrate.
This month marks his one-year anniversary leading a troop of nine top-notch plumbers, while coordinating training opportunities, writing and reviewing bids and managing customer service efforts to support his team’s growth.
Zac said being a plumber has its perks but can also be challenging when some customers believe they’re synonymous with handymen.
“We receive a lot of specialized training and education in the plumbing field that a typical handyman is not equipped to do,” he said. Becoming a plumber involves apprenticeship experience and being licensed.
Zac has held a masters plumbing license for the past decade.
Edwards unexpectedly got involved in the plumbing trade to help his cousin’s business as an apprentice, while simultaneously being active in the Navy Seabee for four years. In the spirit of being a true veteran he’s also served three years in the Army and went to both Afghanistan and Iraq as a military contractor.
Now in civilian life Zac continues to support local veterans by actively volunteering with Operation Enduring Gratitude.
This veteran-led effort involves vets serving other vets with a range of services such as yard clean-up, construction of AMO ramps for easier wheel chair mobility and home repair due to extreme circumstances.
As you can imagine, Zac goes above and beyond the scope of service in all areas of his life and that’s why we appreciate the spirit and dedication that he brings to the APES team and our customers.
He was recently married in Prescott this spring and is the proud fur father of two dogs. If you’d like more information on how to get involved with his favorite charity, Operation Enduring Gratitude, visit

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